Every week, we shine the light on a book from our collection – one which is new to the library, which has been particularly enjoyed by a borrower, recommended by a volunteer, or which seems salient to the week’s events or happenings. To see the archive of past books of the week, click here.


The current book of the week is…

Christmas Lights: Ten Poems for Dark Winter Nights:  7-13 December 2018




We are well and truly into December now and the world is starting to feel a bit smaller. Getting out of bed in the morning is an Olympic sport, you look up at 4pm and notice it’s already dark, and the drizzle. Oh, the drizzle. But whatever you celebrate this season, there can be something comforting about the end of the year. Things wind down, there is a lethargy that means you can totally get away with being in your pyjamas at 6pm, and best of all, Christmas lights. And with those Christmas lights, these Ten Poems for Dark Winter Nights, collected and published by Candlestick Press.

This little collection twinkles and charms like Christmas lights. Each poem opens like an advent calendar window on a little world, a snapshot of someone’s winter, capturing hubbub and excitement, serenity and reflection. We see glimpses of the Northern Lights, taste the sugar of gingerbread and Jamaican sugarcane, hear the almost-silent, bright scoring of an ice-skate slicing across a frozen lake, and try not to cry reading the story of a father’s love as he collects tiny things from his factory to fill a matchbox for his child’s school project: a perfect, poignant Christmas gift.

Yes, it’s cold, and we pine for long days and leaving the house without 5 layers of wool. But this collection is the ideal reminder of what is so wonderful about this time of year, bursting with heart-swelling stories which twinkle and glow, filling your chest with gratitude, peace, and the promise that we’ll survive another winter yet.